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Governance and Ethics

The pursuit of our vision to be the leading global supplier of engineered materials is supported by strong corporate governance standards, the 足彩外围网站 Code of Business Conduct and a variety of policies and principles.

Sound Corporate Governance

The 足彩外围网站 Board of Directors is comprised of nine highly experienced individuals who have dedicated themselves to the company’s success. Board members are required to act in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders. This group is also responsible for providing oversight of the company’s business management and affairs. Learn more about our governance practices and leadership.

Commitment to Ethics and Integrity

To be a truly sustainable company, you must continually meet your obligations and responsibilities to the environment, to shareholders and employees, as well as the communities in which you operate. The concept of sustainability is longstanding and embedded in 足彩外围网站’s culture and Core Values. We recognize our responsibilities in being a good corporate citizen and meeting or exceeding shareholder expectations.

We believe our accomplishments, as well as our prospects, are based not just on what we have done, but how we have done it. The decisions we make and why we make them are key to our continued success, as stated in the 足彩外围网站 Code of Business Conduct, which defines the expectations and behaviors necessary for living up to our Core Values.


Investor Relations

See our latest filings, and discover why investing in 足彩外围网站 can lead to lasting returns.

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